This week of Awesome–June 18 Crossroads, Tudor Feasts and Philly Cheese Steak

Before I start a new topic, quick picture update from Bel Air. New fixtures! Ugly color will be disguised by pretty wooden trim and lots of merchandise. Ted and Raul did an awesomely fast job of putting them together. Thumbs up for progress as I sit here and wait for Verizon to come fix our […]


This week of Awesome- June 11 Grown Up Jobs

This week’s blog edition is coming to you live from a dusty counter and a plastic┬ástep-stool in the middle of Tom’s Toys soon-to-be latest addition to its toy store chain. It always surprises me how many things I take for granted in any space I walk into. Like chairs. Or a duster. I don’t tend […]