Unarmored Combat


This is a page for links, drills, and information regarding SCA-style Unarmored Combat. I will be posting pictures and videos of guards, drills, and other helpful tips for various Unarmored fighting styles. If you see something on here that needs correcting, please contact me at jrtessman (at) gmail (dot) com.

9/18/12 Update–Posted some new links on German Longsword, equipment, and others

5/15/12 Update– New Video Posted: MS I.33 Basic Wards Drill

SCA Unarmored Handbook


Videos and Pictures

This site is a personal website and is no way affiliated with the Society for Creative Anachronism. All links posted here are for instructional purposes only. If you wish me to remove any links or videos, please contact me. SCA Unarmored Combat rules are always subject to change. Please reference the most current SCA Unarmored manual for rules and guidelines.


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