The News in 219 Cities: This week’s cities: Hama, Seeb, and Sayyan

Really cool blog my friend just started– learn a little more about the Arab world by discovering 3 of its major cities every week through news stories!

As of Now

For my latest project/experiment I am going to write down the latest news from three randomly picked cities in the Arab world. I will also include cities in Israel and Turkey.

To do this I put together a list that included the 10 most populated cities of each country (though tiny Bahrain only had 9 cities.) Then I used a random number generator to pick three cities to write about.

By doing this I hope to gain a better picture of what the Arab world looks like. In the US all we see of the Middle East is explosions but that does not mean the entire Middle East is exploding. Unfortunately because my project is based in news articles, it will be hard to completely get away from writing about explosions. In either case, I will do my best to portray a snippet from the lands where our civilization was born.

Hama, Syria

Population: 460,602 (4th most populated city in…

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