I know I’m a little late to ring in the new year, but I’ve always been a bit slow at transitioning. It takes me a few weeks to warm up to 2015 and to stop writing 2014 on everything at the office. Maybe this is partially due to the fact that I don’t make New […]

The Lasagna Quest

Because I’m hungry and thinking of Florence, here’s a little story about lasagna: Seven years ago in Florence, Italy I ate the best plate of lasagna in my life. I was sitting on a wooden bench across from a pair of middle aged Italian housewives enjoying a quick meal and an elderly Italian man to […]

Have towel, will travel

I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow!! (Hopefully. I have this constantly lurking fear that any time I go to the airport, the TSA officer will look down her nose at my passport and say ‘you? Oh we don’t let your kind in here’. Then she will wave her arms for the big burly security officers to […]

Social Media

Recently I have been tackling the daunting task of making Tom’s Toys social media literate. Tom’s Toys has never had a great history of online brand building. We’ve had a Facebook page for four years that peaked at 100 followers. We have a Twitter account which I have forgotten the password to. We have a […]