The Grand Eastern European Adventure: The De-Brief

Great post by travellingmo, my Eastern European partner in crime. Indeed, there were times when we felt we were in a spy novel. Thanks for the photo credits!

A Stranger In Paradise

Well kids, I did it.  I made it to Europe and back!

I’ve already been home a week, which seems incredible.  Part of me feels like I’ve been home ages already and part of me feels like I just got here.  This feeling of limbo was not helped by the fact that I got a stomach bug right after coming home, so was drifting through an illness and jetlag induced fog for the first few days.

It is still hard for me to gather my thoughts on the trip.  People ask me how it was, what I did, what I liked, and I have trouble responding.  How do you sum up 5 weeks worth of adventures and insights?  I loved it thanks, wish I was still there, I did a lot of stuff, and I liked most of it.  How’s that for summing up?

All joking aside, I really did…

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