Ljubljana, Slovenia Part 1: not your grandma’s Vienna

Before moving on to Ljubljana, I forgot to include this memorable picture of Mo and I at Vintgar gorge last time. This might help explain why we got lost coming back. Bright and early Wednesday morning (about 11am) we packed up our things and headed for adorable Bled bus station to catch a ride to […]


Armchair Traveller

For the next week it’s just me and this little lady while Michael takes a much-needed vacation to Big Sur. Being a full-time daddy ain’t an easy job and there’s no benefits package or sick leave. Thus, whenever I’m home for a good while and the opportunity arises he heads for the hills. Or, in […]

The Slovenia Express

Today at the office the phones keep ringing, junk emails keep popping up on my screen. Our distributors won’t let us sell in the UK and someone in Arizona can’t find the charger for the quadcopter they just ordered, even though I sent him pictures of where is it in the packaging. My boss doesn’t […]