The Grand Eastern European Adventure: Sofia, Bulgaria

If you ever wondered what Prom night is like in Sophia, Bulgaria… tune in to travelsofmo! An awesome post, as usual.

A Stranger In Paradise

24 May – 25 May, 2014

It was a hot, muggy Saturday when we took the bus from Veliko Tarnovo to Sofia, our final city in Bulgaria.  We got into Sofia in the afternoon, and stored our bags at the bus stop and walked around downtown.  Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and I liked it immediately.  It’s still a small city compared to the capitals of Western Europe, but has that certain “city” aura to it that our previous stops in Bulgaria had lacked.  There was so much going on in Sofia that weekend, which made it a great time to be there.  The whole time we’d been in Bulgaria, it had been leading up to some sort of EU elections, so there were posters all over and people handing out fliers for different propositions.  We had fun trying to figure out what the various ones were for.  It…

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