This week March 26– The Hunger Games (my thoughts)

Movie: The Hunger Games Where I found it: I was initially prodded toward The Hunger Game series by my friend Jay, and finally handed the book by my friend Mel. I couldn’t stop reading  and I highly recommend them. They are easy reads with deep concepts for adults and teenagers. The movie was a natural extension. Awards: 85% […]

This week of Awesome- March 9th NEW CAR!!!!

  Car: Honda Fit Where did I find it? Galpin Honda, Mission Hills Accolades: They have a website for that. And who hasn’t heard the Helpful Honda Guy commercials? 35 MPG highway. Cost: $16,475 MSPR. Compared to $24,000 MSRP for the Prius You’ll probably like the Honda Fit if you geek out about: Sexy compact cars with lots of storage […]

Midweek Shout Out

Here’s a couple of thinks that I totally identified with this week: Check out my friend Jill’s Awesome blog post about being womanly (she’s a belly dancer) And Louis CK elegantly expresses my views on modern living:   Enjoy!

This week of Awesome- March 2nd

I can’t believe it’s already March! The weather in sunny Southern California is absolutely beautiful, 70s light and breezy. It’s been a week for me to get outside, celebrate the weather, and shake off the winter blues. Charity Event: Tough Mudder 10 Mile Run for the Wounded Warrior Project Where did I find it? Through Michael’s […]