I know I’m a little late to ring in the new year, but I’ve always been a bit slow at transitioning. It takes me a few weeks to warm up to 2015 and to stop writing 2014 on everything at the office. Maybe this is partially due to the fact that I don’t make New Years resolutions. I could say this is because resolutions are silly and always wind up broken but the truth is that I don’t make New Years resolutions because I am busy making and breaking mini resolutions all year long. After trying (and failing) at various times to learn German, keep a neater house, put my family on a nutritious diet, blog every week, and in all ways turn into Super Mom during 2014 the thought of making a New Years resolution (once more, with feeling!) falls a little flat. Still, I do like to take a look at the year in front of me.

I’m not planning any big trips this year, which makes me a bit sad. Part of me keeps hoping that a fantastic trip will fall out of the air like it did last year when Mo and I went to Slovenia and Hungary, but a lot of me feels like this year should be a building year and that this year will finally be the year that I will clean my house/organize my fabric/finish that great American novel.

Speaking of novels, I wrote one! Sort of. In November I was able to keep the resolution to lock myself in my office every night and write at least 1,666 words to complete the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I bumbled my way to 100,000 words, got the T-shirt, and socked my novel away in a bottom drawer to look at in January. I did indeed open it two weeks ago and started reading with a fresh eye. I have to say- it’s dreadful, but not beyond hope. Hopefully 2015 will bring some great revisions.

My job, which started out as something to do between high school and college, has blossomed into a real career. I wish I could keep rolling my eyes and saying that I’m just hanging around until something better comes along but I don’t think that’s entirely true anyone. Yes, the pay checks are a lot better than college, but its amazing how a family worth of expenses can leave you feeling just as broke and uncertain about the future. Only now instead of wondering how we’re ever going to afford that $300 textbook, Michael and I are now wondering how we’re ever going to afford a house. As my grandpa and my dad always say– “The numbers don’t really change as you get older. You just add zeros.”

So, for now, 2015 is still a bit up in the air. And I kind of like it that way. What’s the fun of knowing everything that’s going to happen?


One thought on “2015

  1. Sorry it took me so long to read and comment Jill! But I’m like you – I’m slow with transitions and never make New Year’s resolutions, just little ones throughout the year that I make and break with alarming speed. The year is still young, who knows, maybe another fantastic trip will drop out of the sky!

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