Have towel, will travel

I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow!! (Hopefully. I have this constantly lurking fear that any time I go to the airport, the TSA officer will look down her nose at my passport and say ‘you? Oh we don’t let your kind in here’. Then she will wave her arms for the big burly security officers to […]

Social Media

Recently I have been tackling the daunting task of making Tom’s Toys social media literate. Tom’s Toys has never had a great history of online brand building. We’ve had a Facebook page for four years that peaked at 100 followers. We have a Twitter account which I have forgotten the password to. We have a […]


Yesterday I saw an ad for the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. No purchase necessary! it proclaimed, Win $7,000 a week for life!. Wow, $7,000 for life? That would come in handy right about now. Michael and I could hire an au pair and hit up a ’round the world cruise. We could turn our house […]

Black Widow War

I’ve never really been grossed out by spiders. Yes, if one drops onto my shoulder I shriek and dance around like a possessed witch doctor, but on a normal day it isn’t unusual to find an eight-legged pal or two hanging around my kitchen sink or my bathroom counter. I hate gnats, moths and ants […]

A new kind of awesome

This blog and I have been on a break for a while. Back in April or May we had a ‘its not you, its me’ moment when I decided at eight months pregnant that sitting on the couch, watching Netflix and stuffing my face with salt and vinegar potato chips was far more preferable to […]

Mount Shasta Adventure

I made the mistake of looking at the date of my last post before writing this– February 26th!!!! Not cool, Jill, not cool. Life is just moving too fast these days. Not necessarily in a bad way, more in a ‘how in the world have we wound up here’ way. In the past two months […]