This Week July 9th– Bawling at Brave

This past week has been a furious combination of packing, more packing, even more packing, cleaning, movies, and bowling. Michael and I had been having a rather laissez faire attitude toward the house over the past few weeks (we’re moving, it’s all eventually going in a box, why should we put it away?). That is, […]


This week of Awesome- June 11 Grown Up Jobs

This week’s blog edition is coming to you live from a dusty counter and a plastic step-stool in the middle of Tom’s Toys soon-to-be latest addition to its toy store chain. It always surprises me how many things I take for granted in any space I walk into. Like chairs. Or a duster. I don’t tend […]

Week of May 29th– Nerdfest!

Several years ago, when I was trying to explain what I do on the weekends to my best friend Mel–that I gleefully dress up in medieval clothing, play with swords, camp out in pavilions, and sing medieval songs all weekend while drinking mead–she dubbed me a ‘nerd’ (in a very loving way) and asked when she […]

Week of May 21- 90th Birthdays

Its not every day you get invited to a 90th birthday party. Although the average life expectancy of an American is now 78.2 years, 90 years is still quite an accomplishment. Especially when you are 90 and still an active, functioning adult. Its funny to think that at 25, even 65 seems an eternity away […]

Week of May 14- Blurry Weekends

I missed posting last week and I feel terrible about it. I’ve been so good for the past few months, and then last weekend became a blur and suddenly it was Wednesday–without a blog post. I know you all must have cried a little inside. Today I have had to drag, push, and kick myself […]

This week March 26– The Hunger Games (my thoughts)

Movie: The Hunger Games Where I found it: I was initially prodded toward The Hunger Game series by my friend Jay, and finally handed the book by my friend Mel. I couldn’t stop reading  and I highly recommend them. They are easy reads with deep concepts for adults and teenagers. The movie was a natural extension. Awards: 85% […]

Midweek Shout Out

Here’s a couple of thinks that I totally identified with this week: Check out my friend Jill’s Awesome blog post about being womanly (she’s a belly dancer) And Louis CK elegantly expresses my views on modern living:   Enjoy!