A new kind of awesome

This blog and I have been on a break for a while. Back in April or May we had a ‘its not you, its me’ moment when I decided at eight months pregnant that sitting on the couch, watching Netflix and stuffing my face with salt and vinegar potato chips was far more preferable to […]


Mount Shasta Adventure

I made the mistake of looking at the date of my last post before writing this– February 26th!!!! Not cool, Jill, not cool. Life is just moving too fast these days. Not necessarily in a bad way, more in a ‘how in the world have we wound up here’ way. In the past two months […]

It never rains but it pours!

It seems like everyone has been caught in a flurry of activity lately! best friend Sara, who should have a WordPress blog (hint, hint) just got back from a great trip to Costa Rica, best friend Mo (Travels of Mo) has been working two jobs and a super cool apprenticeship, and still finds time to […]

Fun Things To Do- Zombicide!

You’re stuck on a barren, debris strewn street with 5 random strangers who may be the last friends you’ll ever have. Under every manhole cover, behind every door and around every corner lurks slobbering monsters who want to chomp on your brains. It’s a movie, it’s a graphic novel and now it’s a board game!! […]

This week: Bite-sized Reviews

Most of December consisted of me running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the day, driving a dark and cold hour to my house in the boondocks, and passing out on the couch for a few hours before starting it all again. The first few days of January I didn’t move […]

Elf-ing It

Every Christmas I promise myself that this will be my last year working for a toy store. I used to think happy thoughts about Santa’s Elfs. They built cute wooden toys with little hammers, they drank hot cocoa, sang little songs and rode around Santa’s workshop in magical trains. After seven Christmases working at Tom’s […]


You know its been a while when you can’t remember your WordPress password, or you might just be pregnant. I’ve been putting off this post for a while. I feel like I need to write it because, of all the awesome things that have happened to me over the course of this blog, this has […]

Slumming it in San Fran

A couple of weeks ago, okay, more like a month ago, I had the opportunity to hitch a ride with my friend Mel and boyfriend Scot to go visit Mo (travellingmo) in her San Francisco haunt. I’d been to San Francisco briefly a couple of times in my life–my dad got lost driving in Berkeley once […]

This week- PUPPY TIME!!!

When you fall off the blogging horse there is nothing left to do but get back on it. So…. meet Leia, our new puppy. I know have an overflowing inbox of awesome to sort through and post, but most recently my days, my nights, and occasionally my dreams have been occupied by this adorable, curious, […]