Week of October 9th– Great Western War!!

I’m back from the modern middle ages! I was trying to carve out a time today to write and finally gave up, pushed the enormous pile of work papers off my desk, and just started. Above is a picture of the dining pavilion in our encampment, which consists of about 10-13 household members and guests. […]


Week of 10/1- Deep Breath Hiatus

Hey all! I missed you guys last week (I was recovering from being ickily sick and home from work for three days) and I’m going to have to miss you all again this week! Never fear, this hiatus will not be long!! I’m busy prepping for some pretty awesome activities this weekend- nerdy sword fighting […]

This week– September 11th

I’ve been having a brain block this week when it comes to finding something to write about, especially today. I feel like this date, September 11, has been etched and re-etched in my (and every other American’s) mind so solidly over the past eleven years that there isn’t much more to say. And yet, out […]

This week- September 4th: Basking in Big Sur

My first thought upon finding myself in Big Sur is how gloriously jumbled the place is. Driving and hiking through its 90 miles of coastline, you can go through patches of chilly fog and warm sunlight every five minutes and fifty feet of elevation. Walking along its shady stream paths and climbing along its scenic […]

Week of August 20- Book Week Part 1

Hello, my name is Jill and I am a book addict. If I pick up a book I can’t seem to put it down. Good, bad, or ugly I just love to read. Over the past few years I’ve been sorely neglecting my literary quota, partially because audio books are expensive and trying to juggle […]

This Week- July 24th Kern River Flashback

This past weekend Michael, I, and a few of our friends had a wonderfully relaxing trip to the Kern river. Me, being my awesome self, remembered to take the camera. Me, being my not awesome self, didn’t take a single picture. Picture are kind of essential to explaining a trip to the Kern river so […]